Amtrak Traveler Characters

In spring 2012, I was tapped by The Glass Agency (now un/common) to create some simple, colorful illustrations for a Facebook game they were developing. Conceptually I would take one of Amtrak’s selling points and marry it to the end of character that would most benefit from that feature: heavy-duty commuters, power snackers, Wi-Fi-seeking gadget hounds, environmentally-conscious greenies, and long-distance travelers out to explore and catalog as much of America as they can. Each illustration is color-coded to the icon that represents it and all are designed in a kind of minimal 60s pop-art style (with apologies to Mary Blair).
This was a wildly successful campaign and people really got a kick out of being personified by the fun archetypes alive in these characters.

  • Client
    Amtrak / The Glass Agency
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