Kings of Leon 2017 Tour VIP Posters

In spring 2017, I was asked by the good people at Nakatomi if I’d be interested in designing some posters for Kings of Leon‘s summer tour. More specifically for VIP’s attending who had paid for elaborate “fan experience” packages. I of course jumped at the chance. The parameters were pretty simple: the screenprints would be allowed 3 colors each, would need to fit a 12×18 inch form factor, couldn’t feature objectionable content, and (if possible) would need to feature cherries as the band was branding hard on cherries this tour. It was that last part that would be a challenge, but it was also something of driver creatively. Having to come up with some way to work cherries into the compositions helped push each to a place they wouldn’t have without it.

For the first date I’d been given (Holmdel, New Jersey) I incorporated the cherries into a tricked out 70s custom van based loosely on the famous “Straight Arrow” from the 1977 drive-in classic The Van. With that as my starting point, I added some more 70s car flick flavor to make it feel like the poster for a raucous movie about car chases, crashes, smokeys, etc that you feel like you’ve seen just from looking at the poster.

From there I branched out a bit. The Shoreline poster is meant to recall a weathered VHS box from the mid-80s, the kind of mild erotic thriller you’d have found on the dusty bottom shelves of a video store in 1985.

Perhaps the most elaborate design of the three is my third and final poster for the date at Washington’s Gorge amphitheater. Here, the cherries form the twin hulls of a massive starship as it hovers above the gorge itself.

This was a great opportunity and a rewarding experience working for one of the world’s biggest bands. It also afforded me the chance to work with some new techniques and themes I might not have thought to attempt otherwise.

Nakatomi currently has all three prints up for sale in their online store.

You can also see these and many more of my gigposters at my other site.

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    Kings of Leon / Nakatomi Inc.
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